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super powers parent

What Are Your Parental Super Powers?

super powers parent

Sometimes it can feel like parents need super powers to survive the day and keep everything together. Kristi, a mom of two young kids, recently sent us this story about her super powers — but they’re not what she thought they were…

After reading a library book about super powers with my daughter, Sierra, she asked me one day, “Mom, what are YOUR super powers?”

I was feeling a little cheeky, so I responded, “You saw them all day long!”

“I did?”

“You sure did!”

Sierra’s lightbulb went on. “I know! Your hugs and kisses!”

I had been thinking more along the lines of getting everyone up, fed, dressed, and teeth brushed, packing lunch, going to the Children’s Museum for 4.5 hours, making dinner, going to the park, getting a treat, and cleaning the bathroom while simultaneously getting the kids ready for bed. A good reminder that love is the greatest “super power” of all!

Parents often underestimate the significance of short, fun expressions of affection for kids. It took 7 seconds for me to delight our daughter with a silly song: “You’re my girly-girly-girl, who I lovey-lovey-love, far above-y-‘bove-‘bove, all other girly-girly-girls, in the worldy-world-world!” (I still whip it out occasionally now that she’s in her 20’s. And she even likes it!)

Jim had a little routine with Daniel as a teen. Jim would slap his open hand over his heart, curl his hand into a fist, and fist-bump Daniel (who knew to do the same move). Paired with an intense gaze and smile, it meant – “You and I, we’re connected at the heart.” Time investment: 5 seconds or less. Value: immeasurable during those intense years.

These quick “affection downloads” can be very powerful in communicating the message, “You are my beloved child, in whom I am well-pleased.” If the Son of God even needed to hear this message, how much more critical is it for all of us to receive it from our Father and then pass it on to our kids!

Apply It Now:

  • Count the seconds it takes to do some of your favorite quick “affection downloads” – hugs, kisses, winks, high fives, smile and blow a kiss, a quick shoulder rub, use a favorite affectionate nickname, etc.
  • Imagine yourself receiving that kind of encouragement from your heavenly Father.
  • Build some habits of giving this kind of affection at key times of the day. Pay attention to how good it feels for both you and your child!
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Lynne Jackson
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