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Fake Respect NW

Don’t Settle for Fake Respect

Look, you don’t set out to teach your child fake respect. Obviously, not. But the pressures of parenting are high. You’ve got a lot to do, and sometimes you respond in the quickest, most efficient way. Maybe that looks like……

Questions NW

Questions (Part 2)

Questions are a simple and powerful tool. Asked well, questions can open hearts -did you know Jesus asked over 300 questions? Consider the question, “What happened?” The lilt of voice, the facial expression, the tone and even the sincerity of…

black white hands talk about race SM

How do I talk to my kids about race?

Parents, are you struggling with how to address the recent racial tension that has exploded across the United States? At Connected Families we are on the side of Justice, Grace and Peace, without any judgment about how to legislate those…

super powers parent

What Are Your Parental Super Powers?

Sometimes it can feel like parents need super powers to survive the day and keep everything together. Kristi, a mom of two young kids, recently sent us this story about her super powers — but they’re not what she thought…