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Screen Time and Kids: How to Say YES More Often, While Kids Have LESS Screen Time | Ep. 185

screen time and kids

If you’re struggling with screens and boundary setting with your kids, tune into this interview with Brittany and Kevin Hoffman. Their home has transformed as they’ve learned to ask questions, listen, and point to the bigger YES. If you’re not sure what it means to point to the bigger YES, this episode is for you.

Kevin and Brittany share how the Healthy Rhythms course shaped their approach to managing screen time for their five children and the ways they adjusted their own screen habits as a result. They also chat about how they use family meetings to explore the “bigger yes” with their kids. Kevin and Brittany acknowledge that managing screen time is an ongoing process that keeps evolving as kids get older, but their guiding principles stay the same.

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Guest Bio:

Kevin and Brittany met in Vacation Bible School when they were three years old, started dating at fifteen, and have been married for thirteen years. They have five children (ages 10, 10, 8, 6, and 2), one of whom joined their family through foster care. Kevin is a trial attorney, and Brittany finds daily uses for her Master of Education while homeschooling. They are natives of New Jersey by birth and have been permanently transplanted to Virginia Beach, Virginia, where they attend Trinity Church. Connected Families has been a significant influence on their ever-evolving journey through parenting, which they define as the mission field of making disciples at home.

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Do you find bedtime, screen use, chores, and meals to be sources of frustration instead of connection?

The Healthy Rhythms for Daily Life online courseis designed to help you break free from the chaos and establish predictable daily rhythms that work for your family. With thoughtful, Biblical insights and practical, science-based ideas, you’ll learn how to grow connection, wisdom, and health in your kids.


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