The Six Sides of Lasting Success

Ever watch your kids’ moods ricochet like a pinball off the latest circumstance? Ever feel like your own moods are a magnification of whatever is...

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How to Patiently Coax Kids into Connection and Learning

“This mustang is really just a cranky teenager,” I mused as I intently watched the horse-trainer’s keen discernment and saint-like patience. Nicole would take a...

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Helping Kids Deal with Trauma

Broken bones, scary surgeries, or moving to a new school — all these things can be traumatic experiences for kids to handle. How can parents...

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When Kids Reject Affection, Don’t Give Up!

Parents love to connect with their children. But it’s not always so easy. Some children (whether tots or teens) respond to their parents’ affection in...

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Michael Phelps’ Secret… and What It Tells Us About Parenting

Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian in history. Winning 19 Olympic medals has made him — according to many — “the greatest Olympian ever”....

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Raising Overcomers

Lying in the tent, during another in our long line of horrible weather Boundary Waters canoe trips, I was angry. We had intentionally picked the...

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