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Raising Overcomers: How to Model Resiliency to Your Kids | Ep. 56

Raising Overcomers Part 1 Podcast Ep 56 1

In this raw and candid episode, Stacy Bellward (podcast host) is joined by Jim and Lynne Jackson (co-founders of Connected Families) to discuss both the challenges and the beauty of raising overcomers. When you are in Christ you are an overcomer, and you can graciously raise your child to move beyond feeling overwhelmed to being a resilient overcomer.

While in the refuge of God’s grace and hope, trials and challenges can be a profound opportunity to grow resilience in your child. This starts with the foundational mindset that learning and teaching resilience is a process. These challenges also invite you to model resilience to your kids!

This podcast dives into:

  • What resilience looks like (and what it doesn’t look like!)
  • Practical dialogues to have with your kids that encourage resilience
  • The importance of modeling your own resilience to your kids
  • The grace and promises of God as He walks with you and your kids through tough circumstances
  • How to communicate to your kids that you are for them; that you are in this together!

Encouraging scripture mentioned in this podcast:

Want to learn more about raising overcomers?

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