The Growing Problem of Entitlement

“This is stupid! Why do I have so many chores! This is your job, Mom! And when can I get a phone? Everyone else in my grade has one. Why don’t I?” Sound familiar?

You don’t want entitled children, but you’re wondering how you got here and how to get out!

If helping your kids get past this sense of entitlement was a simple script or three easy steps, there would be far fewer entitled kids. We have found in our 20 plus years of working with parents that this is a rapidly growing problem – and it is not just a surface issue.

Society has ingrained an approach to life that fuels entitlement, not just in kids, but in grown-ups too! So addressing it requires beneath the surface insights, a sense of excitement about what matters most, and a new set of skills to help kids value God’s best for their lives.

We are excited to offer a fast-paced 4-session course designed to equip parents with a solid mindset and strategy for stamping out entitled attitudes, and moving toward greater meaning in life.

You’ll learn to take your kids through a simple process for helping your family have constructive conversations about rights, responsibilities, and privileges in your home. You’ll learn graceful responses for the inevitable conflict that emerges when parents confront selfishness.  Most importantly, you’ll learn a perspective that grounds all your efforts in eternal truths from the Bible.  

Join us today! After months of putting our heart into this course, we are so excited to finally offer it to you! And, at $23, we believe this is a fantastic value. If this is still out of your reach, simply contact us for a scholarship.

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