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5 Ways Your Family Can Thrive This Christmas

(and not just survive!)
thrive this christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year, but along with the festivities often come stress and conflict. Here are 5 blog posts we love about how to set everyone up for success so your whole family can thrive this Christmas. Enjoy!

Christmas. As the song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” While we cherish meaningful time with those dearest to us, these highly charged celebrations often stress parents, over-stimulate children, and incline both to volatile behavior. Here are some practical ideas that can help protect the joy of the season and may minimize the likelihood of holiday meltdowns and conflicts. 

Holidays and other gatherings can be a lot of fun — but they can also be chaotic and overstimulating for kids. Rather than punish your children for misbehavior, be thoughtful ahead of time about how to prepare them for success.

Your little darling comes to you with their face lit up, a picture and product details in hand, their logic detailed into a lawyer-like brief, and begs with passion for that one special thing for Christmas. “Ok, I know exactly what I want for Christmas. I’m so excited about it! Taylor is getting one, too.”

The holidays can be an extremely challenging time for everyone! This is especially true for children who may have experienced early childhood or prenatal trauma.

How can you adapt Christmas for the children who joined your family through adoption? Read this article for some ideas to equip everyone to maintain some peace and sanity during this season.

‘Tis the season of “stuff”. The tradition of giving gifts at Christmas easily devolves into giving stuff, getting stuff, and finding places for more new stuff. Does this Christmas tradition really teach your kids about the joy of giving? 

Any thoughtful adult knows Christmas isn’t supposed to be about stuff. But that’s what the world will hand your kids. Especially if you aren’t intentional.

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