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Are We Teaching Our Kids to Be the Wrong Kind of Smart?

Are We Teaching Our Kids to Be the Wrong Kind of Smart 1 1

A recent article published in Time Magazine found that people with average IQ outperform people with high IQ 70% of the time. 90% of high performers have high emotional intelligence.

Could it be we’re focusing way too much on one sort of intelligence at the expense of the most important kind?

What if we focused as much on rigorous emotional health as we did on rigorous academic success?

What if we talked with our kids as much about feelings awareness and honoring communication as we did about other subjects?

What if we launched our kids out into the world valuing great questions every bit as much as right answers?

What if, instead of teaching kids to only be satisfied with the best, we taught them to “be content whatever the circumstances”?

What if, instead of teaching kids to most highly value getting things done, we taught them to most highly value caring for other people?

If we did these things I think we could start a revolution of respect. It would be a whole different kind of world.

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Jim Jackson
Jim Jackson
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