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NW Explain emotions feelings Podcast Ep 54

How to Take Advantage of Sibling Rivalry to Explain Emotions and Feelings to a Child

Few things can be more frustrating as a parent than trying to mediate sibling rivalry. You want your kids to be friends but instead they are fighting, badgering, and teasing each other. It feels like you are getting nowhere!  You…

NW True Empathy in kids 1

Can True Empathy Really Be Taught to Kids?

You want your kids to think about others’ feelings. That’s empathy. But can you teach empathy to kids or does it just come naturally? It’s not always automatic, is it? We all know the awful feeling when your child hurts…

Stuff Kids Feelings

Don’t stuff your kids’ feelings

Kids usually do the best they know how to express their feelings. The best they can do is usually quite immature and unrefined. A problem occurs when, instead of validating our kids’ best efforts to express their feelings, we minimize,…