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At Connected Families, we are always discussing, learning and reading about effective and wise parenting. Both Jim Jackson (co-founder of Connected Families and dad to 26 year old Bethany) and Grant Braasch (husband of our Executive Director and dad to 9 year old Almaz) recently read Dad, Here’s What I Really Need from You by Michelle Watson and they had this to say:517lmWOQ XL

unnamedGrant Braasch:  I think this is a really good book for dads who want to take a proactive approach to building a strong relationship with their young daughters or to help mend broken relationships with their teen or young adult daughters.  The author acknowledges that the target audience for this book is fathers who are struggling to relate with their teen or early adult daughters.  However, why wait until cracks in the relationship have formed to try to fix things when you can use the practical advice provided in the book to help prevent things from getting to that strained place?  The book provides lots of great tips on how to better listen and relate to our daughters – and an added bonus is that most of the advice can also apply to our relationships with our wives. – Grant Braasch, dad to Almaz (9) and Alex (11)

Jim & BethanyJim Jackson:  I loved this book! It’s filled with both inspiration to be a “dialed in” dad, and lot’s of practical advice. The appendix about good questions you can openly ask your daughter is worth the price of the book! My daughter is 26, and we have a great relationship. But this book will make it even better!

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