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Connected Families is Building Community on SOCIAL MEDIA

building community on social media

Thanks to your support and engagement, Connected Families has become more than a library of programs and resources for parents. We are a community. AND we are transforming communities.

Did you know when you take our Discipline That Connects with Your Child’s Heart online course that you are then invited to join our private DTC Alumni Facebook group? Today you’ll be introduced to Viece and Adja who have been active and engaged in that group. We hope you enjoy their stories and are inspired to take our course and join this encouraging community on Facebook. Connected Families is building community on social media!

Meet Ajda, part of the CF community from a tiny European country

Can you tell us a little bit about your family and how you heard about Connected Families?

I am Ajda, a wife and a young mom of two, coming from a tiny European country. We have two daughters, ages 3 and 1. When our oldest was around 12 months, my American friend told me about Connected Families and how it worked so well with her family. I immediately fell in love with the Framework for parenting! The more I learned, the more it all made sense!

How has Connected Families impacted your family specifically?

Since I got to hear and learn about Connected Families early on in my parenting, it really impacted the way my husband and I parent and for that I am so glad! We love the emphasis that is put on connection first and that the framework and concepts empower us to be calm, confident, and loving parents. We love that it teaches us to be gentle, but also hold firm boundaries.

When my oldest was about 2.5 years old we were getting ready for daycare one morning, but she was not listening and responding to any of my instructions. I was beginning to lose my mind, since she seemed to do the exact opposite of what was asked from her. But then I stopped and realized that ever since waking up we were in a hurry and hadn’t yet had a special moment of connection that morning. So I stopped, and invited her to read a book with me. It was a short children’s book and she cuddled up in my lap. We finished the book and after that she was a different person. Whatever I asked her to do she would do and even say, “Yes, of course mom.” I was shocked at what a difference a few minutes of connection made! After that our morning was much calmer, simply nicer, and we still got to daycare on time! 🙂

I often remind myself of that morning and the importance of connection with our kids.

What are some key ways you feel the DTC Alumni page has encouraged you in your parenting?

I am a big fan of the DTC Alumni Group. As you know there are millions of different mom/parent Facebook groups out there, but this one is different! I love how communication between members really reflects what we all learned in the DTC online course and how we are on the same page since we all follow Connected Families principles. I love that I can ask a variety of questions and know that I will get answers/ideas that align with our parenting style and beliefs. It’s been really helpful to be a part of that group and be consistently encouraged to keep pressing into the relationship with our children.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Beside being a mom I am also a special ed teacher and the Connected Families Framework has helped me at work as well! I’ve seen my students responding differently to my correction when I use Connected Families principles. It has helped me to empathize with them and let them know I am for them and on their team.

Connected Families principles have been a gamechanger for our parenting, but also for my growth as a teacher and as a person in general. I am even reminded of these principles often in my relationships with adults and I recommend Connected Families to every new parent I know .

Meet Viece, part of the CF community in the United States


Can you tell us a little bit about your family and how you heard about Connected Families?

We are a family of 4. Two boys, Isaac is 6.5. Caleb is 4. I heard about Connected Families from a podcast on which Jim and Lynne were doing a role play. The role play was spot on and they were hilarious with good advice without making you feel like a terrible parent.

How has Connected Families impacted your family specifically?

I began engaging with the Connected Families Framework before my husband because I heard about Jim and Lynne first. I immediately started trying to change how I spoke to my 2-year-old, who was our only child at the time. When I wanted a change in his behavior I started using more words instead of spanking. His behavior didn’t change right away, but he became more contrite and willing to try to talk about what he’d done wrong. He was about 2 then and he still does a very good job apologizing and helping me understand the motivations behind his behavior.

My favorite part of the Connected Families Framework that I learned in the online course is looking inside myself. I’m sure I’m not the first parent who would like to parent differently than how I was raised. So I have to reach back and make sure I’m not parenting in a way I did not want to be parented. What was “always done” isn’t always right.

What are some key ways you feel the DTC Alumni page has encouraged you in your parenting?

I have asked for advice numerous times on the alumni page and the advice and encouragement from other parents has never disappointed. Sometimes you just need to know that you’re not alone in your struggle. I love when Sarah, the admin on the page, does a follow up a few weeks later to see how things are going and if I need more help.

Anything else you want to add?

I have recommended Connected Families to anyone who will listen. The faith-based approach has changed my parenting, our lives, our relationship with our kids, and our relationship with each other.

When Connected Families started in 2002, our primary focus was partnering with churches. Now we are excited to be able to partner with organizations from a variety of backgrounds! Whether you think Connected Families would be a good fit for your church, school, non-profit, podcast, blog, international ministry, business, or moms group, our resources are available to inspire and equip those in your community. We’d love to collaborate with you! Let’s get the conversation started.

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