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Mercy in the Midst of Struggle

Mercy in the Midst of Our Struggle

“Can’t you just get in the bathtub without arguing?!!” Daniel and I were nose-to-nose in a typical power struggle. I knew it was going to take most of my intellectual and emotional savvy just to get this grimy little kid…

Build Your Easter on the Cross

Easter: The day when we sit through church together, and then VROOM! On to the… Ham. Potatoes. Egg hunts. Chocolate bunnies. Bright baskets overflowing with treats. It’s easy for our Easter celebration to focus on fun, lively traditions that have…

What Does It Mean to Be The Parent

What Does It Mean to “Be The Parent”?

Parents frequently say, “It’s my job to ‘be the parent’, not my kid’s friend!” Or, “My kids need to learn that I don’t have to explain everything. Sometimes they just need to know that it’s time to obey without explanation,…