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I Feel Overwhelmed and Hopeless | Ep. 3

Overwhelmed and Helpless Podcast 1

Parenting is hard. It takes everything we have…and then some. What happens when we get to the point of feeling totally overwhelmed and hopeless? On this Connected Families Podcast episode, we discuss these overwhelmed feelings, pull them apart, and ask what we can do about them. 

Our guest today is parenting coach and Connected Families co-founder, Lynne Jackson. Lynne clearly remembers the times she felt overwhelmed and hopeless as she raised her three rambunctious kids. She will bring practical ideas to encourage you today. 

In this podcast we discuss:

  • how expectations can feed feelings of hopelessness.
  • the idea behind toxic half-truths  
  • two key questions to help us identify and replace toxic lies with God’s truth
1080 Overwhelmed podcast

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