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How Flushing without Pooping Can Help Your Parenting

I was mad.

Several times in recent weeks our kids had become careless about their toilet flushing habits. So when I went in to use the bathroom and saw the most recent “solid evidence,” I was irritated to say the least. As one prone to reversing words in sentences my loud expression of this frustration was notable, “Who flushed without pooping?!”

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Of course when I “wix my mords” this way I am often the last to learn about it. So when I came out of the bathroom and found Lynne and the kids laughing, I was at first more irritated yet. “Why are you laughing?”

“Did you hear yourself?” they queried. Only then did I replay in my mind what I’d just said. I was at first embarrassed, but then realized the silliness of my expression and we all had a good laugh together. This laughing took the edge off my anger, but the problem remained.

Due to this moment of levity, and the rational conversation that followed, our family together worked out a sensible plan, and the issue immediately became less of a problem.

The lesson learned – if I can drop my anger, and keep things light, it’s much easier to constructively solve problems.

Remember this the next time your kids flush without pooping.


[Photo Credit: Devonyu | iStockphoto.com]

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