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How to Help Kids Like Each Other… with Photos!

Ever feel like the moments where your kids actually like each other are few and far between? Or like deep down they love each other, but they forget as their connection gets lost in the shuffle of sibling conflict and craziness?

Lynne was worried about that very thing when parenting her three intense kiddos who fought all the time — so she decided to change the narrative and help her kids remember that they like each other, all with the use of photos! Watch the video to hear why and how she did it:

Quick Notes:

  • Capture (via photos or videos) moments where kids are loving, enjoying, and caring for each other
  • Name (or title the photos with) the character qualities you see happening and want to grow
  • Review these memories with your kids and affirm what you see and remember (here’s a link to the ABC Affirmation tip Lynne mentioned)

Over time, preserving and reinforcing the positive, connective memories will help to strengthen your kids’ baseline of love for each other and remind them that conflicts fade, but true sibling connection lasts!

Speaking of affirmation — Did you know that your stories are a HUGE encouragement to us? When someone emails us to tell us how we have impacted their parenting journey, it is like a great big virtual hug. Your words of affirmation encourage us to us to keep doing the work God has called us to do.

If you’ve been impacted, challenged and encouraged by Connected Families, please take a few minutes and share your story with us.

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Jim and Lynne Jackson
Jim and Lynne Jackson
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