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Questions & Doubts: When Your Child’s Faith Is Uncertain | Ep. 168

Questions and Doubts Ep 168

If your child has serious doubts or has walked away from their faith, it can be scary. Together with parent coaches Bonnie Williams and Chad Hayenga, we explore parenting through a child’s spiritual doubts or unbelief. Chad and Bonnie share the importance of fostering open dialogue through thoughtful questions and building a foundation of connection, emotional safety, and unconditional love. Tune in to this heartfelt discussion to equip yourself with the knowledge and encouragement needed to support your child’s faith journey, acknowledging that their doubts or unbelief can be an essential part of developing a resilient and personal faith.

(Note: The use of “they/them” language is related to privacy, not identity.)

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Guest Bio:

Bonnie Williams has a Master of Education in Special Education and is a Connected Families Certified Parent Coach. She is a wife and the mother of 3 young adults. Bonnie has supported students with learning and behavior challenges for over 25 years, specializing in working with parents with children ages 3 to 15. Helping families apply the Connected Families Framework is what Bonnie is passionate about. By doing this they can learn new strategies to grow in wisdom and help lead them in having peaceful, grace-filled homes. You can reach her by email at newpathways65@gmail.com.

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