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Stories of Transformation…Finding Hope For Change | Ep. 159

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Listen as Stacy chats with two families about the grace-filled changes they’ve experienced through the Connected Families Framework.

Whether it’s your child’s defiant attitude or your angry reaction, your family likely has patterns that you’d like to change. Changing default responses like these isn’t easy, but it is possible. In today’s conversation, Stacy Bellward (podcast host) interviews Katrina Baros and Kate Bakker, two moms from the Connected Families community. These moms candidly share how they began to shift the dynamics in their homes and what they’ve learned along the way.

In this podcast you’ll discover:

  • How two families began to shift the challenging patterns they experienced
  • The significance of asking, “What’s going on in me?”
  • That “do-overs” are for kids and parents too!
  • Connected Families resources that can support your parenting and help you instigate change in your family
  • How your support can help other families make change

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Guest Bio:

Katrina Baros and her husband live in Seattle, WA, with their four sons, ages 5-13. Their family enjoys road-tripping, playing family football games in the yard, and playing board games, especially if snacks are involved.

Kate Bakker and her husband are from Austin, TX. They have two biological children, ages 4 & 6, and a 5-month-old foster son. Their family loves to explore the local hiking trails and enjoy family movie nights.

“Things began to change when…”

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