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Lynne Jackson

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A Simple Way to Teach Kids Perseverance

Do you ever watch your child’s mood swing wildly based on the latest circumstance? Do you ever watch your own mood swing wildly based on your child’s reaction to the latest circumstance? Persevering and staying calm when life throws you…

minecraft addict

What Do You Do with a Minecraft Addiction?

Online gaming addiction is real. Minecraft addiction is real. Your child’s screen habit probably started out innocently enough. Over time it may have escalated to a level that pits you against each other and threatens the joy and connection in…

NW Betime Routines Around

One Way to Turn Bedtime Routines Around

What happens during the bedtime routine often sets the tone for an entire evening and even impacts the following morning. I coach many families that face struggles as their kids are getting to bed. Emotions can be high and even…

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Can True Empathy Really Be Taught to Kids?

You want your kids to think about others’ feelings. That’s empathy. But can you teach empathy to kids or does it just come naturally? It’s not always automatic, is it? We all know the awful feeling when your child hurts…