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Thanks for visiting our blog. If you’ve not yet tuned into our podcast, you’re going to want to. Next time you’re washing dishes or folding laundry, let Connected Families’ message of grace and truth seep into your parenting.

“Why doesn’t this kid ever listen?”

Little Jerome was tagging along with his mom on a mission. “Mom, I can have this?” he pleaded. They were in the cereal aisle, and mom was comparing the labels of generic raisin bran and the brand name equivalent.  Jerome…

Beat Boredom with These Four Tips

  Research has shown that being bored is not such a bad thing for kids.  Boredom can foster creativity and patience.  Yet, when a parent hears that tired phrase again and again, we may feel the need to “fix” the…

Do Your Consequences Build Up or Tear Down

Do Your Consequences Build Up or Tear Down?

Sometimes, in spite of parents’ most graceful efforts to stay calm, connect well, and parent with grace, their kids still misbehave. They are “beloved sinners” (just like us) and need corrective guidance (just like we do), with the goal of helping them learn the powerful message, “You are responsible for your life, your relationships, and your decisions.”
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