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Is My Anxiety Holding My Child Back

Is My Anxiety Holding My Child Back?

You have good desires for your kids. You probably want them to learn neatness, diligence in homework, good eating patterns, and all sorts of other helpful habits. But if you are anxious as you try to help them learn better…

7 Practical Tips for Picky Eaters

7 Practical Tips for Picky Eaters

It is truly a God-given desire to feed your child healthy food. Unfortunately this good desire can easily go awry when your child turns up his nose at what you consider to be essential nutrition. A child’s rejection of certain…

Regroup and Resolve

Regroup & Resolve

Every parent fails to deal perfectly with every parenting situation. In other words, we all screw up sometimes! Along the way we’ve discovered that what’s far more important than handling every parenting situation perfectly is to regroup, and resolve well.…

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