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4 Rules to Manage Mealtime Mayhem

4 Simple Rules to Manage Mealtime Mayhem

After our article about the importance of mealtime , quite a few parents asked for more help with creating a calm, connective atmosphere at the table. Because Lynne is extensively trained*, and has worked successfully with hundreds of families regarding this…

Parenting Goals You Can Meet

Parenting Goals You Can Meet

Choose as your goals to be sure you stay calm, to be sure that your child knows he's loved and respected no matter how he behaves, and to help him focus on his responsibilities.
Discipleship Consequences and Toothbrushing

Discipleship, Consequences, and Toothbrushing

We recently got the following email from a loving, caring parent. We believe others among you might have similar questions, so we thought we’d share! Hope this conversation answers questions you might have and sparks a few new ones: Dear…

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