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Fun Campfire Questions You Can Use Anytime

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While it may seem like you are constantly battling the screens at your house… it doesn’t have to be that way.  Sitting around a campfire, going on a long road trip, or heading out on a challenging hike are just a few of the opportunities you have to connect better with those you love.  

So sit back, shut down the screens, and watch the stories, laughs, and jokes roll when you bust out these fun (and thoughtful, and serious) questions Connected Families has compiled just for you!

Before you get started, set your family up for success by talking about the benefit of both honest sharing and listening well to others. This is important, so you end with everyone feeling good about your connection time!

Suggestions for use of campfire questions:

  • Print the Connection Questions. (Laminate if you have easy access to a laminating machine!)
  • Cut into individual questions.
  • Eliminate any that wouldn’t be a fit for your family.
  • Put the rest in a box, bag, envelope, or hat so people can take turns drawing one out to answer.
  • Consider having someone write down some of the more significant answers in a journal.
  • If anyone is confused by a question or doesn’t want to answer, you can substitute: “What do you want everyone to know right now?”
  • Keep the activity short enough that kids don’t get distracted or antsy.

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Some of the best connection time with those we love comes when we disconnect or go “off the grid” and really listen to each other.  Summer is a great time to be deliberate in facilitating this. Try this with friends and loved ones, and let us know what your favorite moments were!

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Jim and Lynne Jackson
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