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Key to Childs Success

The Most Important Key to a Child’s Success

Pretty much every parent wants their children to succeed in life. When talking about teaching kids to be successful, parents often want to jump right to tactical issues like chores, homework, respect, and obedience. These are important issues, and we’ve written…

3 Powerful Steps to Redirect a Bored Kid

3 Powerful Steps to Redirect a Bored Kid

A thoughtful parent wrote us with the following question: How do I encourage my child to be more creative with his time? For example, not spending so much time on the computer or sitting in front of the television? This…

Getting the Best Out of Our Kids

Getting the Best Out of Our Kids

The way to get the best out of people is to orient people toward others. Think about it. When are you at your best? It’s almost always when you are contributing to the welfare of others. Certainly there are those…

When Its Good for Kids to Say No

When It’s Good for Kids to Say No!

  Dads often joke about what some young lad will have to do to get past dad to the daughter. But it’s no laughing matter. Most dads with daughters, having lived through adolescence themselves, are irrationally suspicious or even downright…

What is Family 2

What’s Our Family About, Anyway?

Have you ever wondered what your family is “all about”? I asked this of coaching clients Ted and Dawn recently. They had come seeking help because their kids seemed ever more defiant, selfish, and irresponsible. Eager to understand their family…