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How Can I Teach My Child to Pray Heartfelt Prayers? | Ep. 60

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Do you struggle to teach your child how to pray? How do you instill something deeper when your child just wants to pray for a new xbox? 

Like many parents, you likely desire to see your kids engage in a meaningful prayer life. That can be hard! Sometimes kids just get bored when we pray! Or find it difficult to get past a surface-level prayer. The good news: There are many practical and effective ways to model and encourage your kids to grow in more heartfelt and personal prayer.

Today on the Connected Families podcast, Stacy Bellward (podcast host) talks with Chad and Carma Hayenga about their journey to a deeper and more personal prayer life. You’ll hear how this overflowed to their kids, and positively changed the heart of their family. We trust you will find encouragement and practical tips in this podcast to teach your child to pray and for your family’s prayer journey!

In this podcast, Chad and Carma discuss: 

  • The transforming power of experiencing Jesus’ presence in prayer
  • How to transform rote and programmed prayers into a personal conversation with God
  • A larger vision for your family’s prayer life, as well as practical everyday prayer opportunities
  • Ways to help kids express their faith creatively according to their personality and gifts
  • Participating in God’s Kingdom work at home and around the world through prayer

More about Chad and Carma: 

Chad Hayenga is a Marriage and Family Therapist and certified life coach with a background in counseling struggling youth and families. As a prayer intercessor, Carma has a deep passion to see families changed through the power of prayer. Combining their skills, and trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit to effect change, they have seen people experience incredible spiritual freedom. Interested in learning more? Check out this unique coaching option to connect personally with Chad and Carma.

Resources about prayer mentioned in this podcast:

Prison to Praise by Merlin Carothers

Is That Really You, God? by Loren Cunningham

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