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SM Ep 160

Refresh Your Parenting With Prayer | Ep. 160

Connected Families Certified Parent Coach Katie Johnson talks with Stacy about how prayer can help transform your parenting. Have you ever wished you could deepen your prayer life? Or does it feel difficult to find time for meaningful prayer in…

NW Child heartfelt prayers

How Can I Teach My Child to Pray Heartfelt Prayers? | Ep. 60

Do you struggle to teach your child how to pray? How do you instill something deeper when your child just wants to pray for a new xbox?  Like many parents, you likely desire to see your kids engage in a…

When You Want to Be Heard... Whisper

When You Want to Be Heard… Whisper

In our online course a parent once asked the following question: I see the difference you’re talking about between typical parenting and parenting with the four messages in mind… and I like the difference I see… here comes the BUT… what…