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Refresh Your Parenting With Prayer | Ep. 160

refresh your parenting with prayer Ep 160

Connected Families Certified Parent Coach Katie Johnson talks with Stacy about how prayer can help transform your parenting.

Have you ever wished you could deepen your prayer life? Or does it feel difficult to find time for meaningful prayer in your day-to-day life with kids? In this episode, Katie Johnson (Connected Families Certified Parent Coach) and Stacy Bellward, podcast host, explore prayer from a fresh, practical perspective. Katie shares ideas for prayer that are rooted in scripture and easy for parents to implement.

In this podcast you’ll discover:

  • Ways to pray using scripture that are accessible at any moment with whatever time you have
  • How to use the phrases “Thank you,” “Yes,” and “Help” to create prayers from Bible passages
  • How Scripture can act as a guardrail for your prayers when you are desperate and hurting
  • Ideas to model prayer for your kids and grow their joy-filled connection with God

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Guest Bio:

Katie Johnson is a Connected Families Certified Parent Coach and lives in Madison, WI, with her family. She worked for many years in education and is now beginning the homeschool journey with her 3 young children. She received her M.Ed. from Valparaiso University and currently serves on the board of Safe Families, Dane County. You can find out more about Katie on our Coaching page.

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