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How To Help Siblings Stop Fighting All the Time | Ep. 139

how to stop siblings fighting all the time

Do you feel like your kids are fighting all the time? They might be bickering, crying, or yelling, and you might feel exasperated and wonder how to turn things around. Conflicts will always be part of family relationships, but you can learn how to help kids stop fighting all the time and bring a richer connection to your family.

In today’s conversation, Katie Johnson (Connected Families Certified Parent Coach) and Stacy Bellward (podcast host) give you a taste of Connected Families’ online course: Sibling Conflict: From Bickering to Bonding. They unpack a tool from the course called “The Peace Process” and give examples of how you could use it with your kids today.

In this podcast, you’ll discover:

  • how to help your kids move from “Crazy Mountain” to true reconciliation when conflicts arise
  • practical ideas to help your kids calm down before taking steps to resolve a situation
  • how to stop siblings fighting all the time by building their understanding and value for one another
  • ways to empower your kids to “make it right” with their own ideas
  • the importance of celebrating when a conflict is resolved

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Guest Bio:

Katie Johnson is a Connected Families Certified Parent Coach and lives in Madison, WI, with her family. She worked for many years in education and is now beginning the homeschool journey with her 3 young children. She received her M.Ed. from Valparaiso University and currently serves on the board of Safe Families, Dane County. You can find out more about Katie on our Coaching page.

Do you want more peace at home?

And for your kids to enjoy each other?

And to reconcile when they hurt each other?

If peace is your goal, take the Sibling Conflict online course.

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