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Big Do Over

The Big Do-Over

Here is another story from Joel and Amy Nelson, parents of two sons, who have previously shared their story here. Enjoy! Parenting may not come with a manual, but I sure have read a lot of the parenting books out…

Love No Matter What

Love – No Matter What!

For I am convinced that neither arguing nor defiance, neither sibling conflict nor disrespect, neither bad grades nor failure, neither whining nor lying, neither forgetfulness nor messes, nor any other misbehavior will be able to separate you from my love…

Avoided Full Blown Affair

How I Avoided a Full-Blown Affair

One day, early in my career, I found myself growing attracted to a woman at work. I felt competent and respected in this rewarding and harmonious relationship. It was fun. It was new. It was energizing. I found myself wanting…