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When Kids Do Not Listen 1

When Kids Don’t Listen

“How do I get my child to listen?!!”Listening when you’re addressed by someone is a great life skill, but one that often our children don’t seem too eager to learn! Frustrated parents often say, “I hate it, but I just…

6 Practical Ways 1

6 Practical Ways To Show Love to Kids

One of the best times to show love to your kids is when they are misbehaving. Anger, frustration, and lecturing are standard reactions to a kid who does something wrong, but do they work to change behavior? I worked with…

black white hands talk about race SM

How do I talk to my kids about race?

Parents, are you struggling with how to address the recent racial tension that has exploded across the United States? At Connected Families we are on the side of Justice, Grace and Peace, without any judgment about how to legislate those…