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10 Best on the Connected Families Blog 2014

We can hardly believe it’s 2015 already! Before we dive into a year of new blog posts, we thought we’d dwell for just a moment on some of your favorites from 2014. Here are the ten most-clicked parenting tips of 2014.

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2014 Best 10 Parenting Blog Connected Families pinYour Kids: Responsible or Spoiled?

When Kids Want It Now!!!

How a Pipe Cleaner Can Stop Your Child’s Meltdowns!

Consequences that Actually Work: Part 3, Restitution Consequences
(And here are the other two in the series: Part 1 and Part 2)

Don’t Punish Your Child’s Nervous System… Understand It!

The New Problem of Entitlement

Can Family Meetings Really Work?

12 Misbehaviors and the God-Given Gifts Behind Them

5 Powerful Parenting Lessons from Frozen

Why Kids Explode and What to Do About It

Jim and Lynne Jackson
Jim and Lynne Jackson
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