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Redirect Power Struggles with One Question

Ten minutes before dinner your child wheels around the corner and asks, "Can I go to a friend's for dinner?" Many parent mentors would suggest that this is one of those times to stand firm. And we agree. The question is - about what should we be firm?
Why Do Kids Tantrum

Why Do Kids Tantrum?

Simply stated, kids have tantrums because they pay off. In some convoluted sort of way they get what they want. Even if it means they lose their cool and wear themselves out. The challenge for a parent is determining what exactly a…

NW Questions Help or Hurt 1

Do Your Questions Help or Hurt Your Kids?

Ed was trying to be patient and thoughtful, but he was at the end of his rope. Instead of helping him fix dinner, his two daughters were upstairs arguing loudly and disrespectfully. As he listened he thought to himself, “That’s…

Why Kids Explode and What to Do about It

Why Kids Explode and What to Do About It

Just like us, our kids sometimes react angrily when something important to them feels attacked. First expressions of anger are almost always aggressive. As kids get old enough to express themselves, the aggression becomes words and actions. One day I…

house by the forest

A Parenting Fairy Tale…

Once upon a time, near a woods far away, there was a family named the Scrumpkins. Bingle (the dad) and Kalinda (the mom) were fearful of what might happen to their children if they explored the dark, foreboding woods behind…