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entitled kids

Entitled Kids

Are you raising entitled kids?

The struggle is real. How do you teach your child responsibility in a world of instant gratification?

Whether you’ve got a toddler on aisle 3 screaming, “I want it now!” or a teenager who insists life will never go on if they don’t get the latest iPhone, entitled kids are a societal epidemic.

But guess what? Seeing entitlement in your child doesn’t mean you’re failing as a parent! It is hard to swim against the norms.

Besides, don’t forget, your children were legitimately entitled to… well, everything, not so long ago. It was healthy that your child confidently expected you to feed them, bathe them, and put their clothes away during infancy.

All kids struggle to move from the healthy entitlement of infancy to the healthy interdependence required of adulthood.

That means, your kids will make some pretty entitled statements at times. It’s easy to feel shocked or disgusted when you hear these things:

“Everyone else has one. I need one too!”

“No one else has to clean the bathroom.”

“If you won’t get me a squirrel, I’ll get one myself.”

Say “yes” to your entitled kids

The common reaction to your child’s demanding attitude is to crack-down on entitlement by assigning more chores or saying “No!” to anything frivolous.

This doesn’t teach kids what you want them to learn. We’ve seen entitled attitudes stop and responsibility grow by helping kids find a bigger, “Yes!”

We are blessed so that we can bless others

Watch this short video to learn how the Connected Families Framework works to build responsibility and squash entitlement.

Articles & podcasts on entitlement and responsibility

These articles and podcasts are a great place to start, as you work to break the entitlement habit. You can raise confident, responsible young adults, who will want to bless you and others!

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