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My Kids Won’t Do Their Chores Without My Nagging | Ep. 5

Chores without nagging Podcast

Have you ever wondered, “My child can’t manage to even take the garbage out. How will she ever survive in adulthood?” Or, maybe it sounds more like, “I do so much for these kids. Why can’t they do a few simple things to help out?!”

Today’s episode is loaded with tools and will give you a lot to think about as Jim Jackson and Stacy Bellward talk with Connected Families parent coach Chad Hayenga and pull apart the question, “What should I do when my kids won’t do their chores without my nagging?”

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • Effective use of “when/then” statements
  • The link between clear expectations and kind and firm accountability
  • Insight into what compels parents to nag their kids  
  • How to help those distractible kids
  • How to link privileges to responsibilities in an encouraging way
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