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Feeling Stuck? Move Toward the Struggling Child.


Feeling Stuck Move Toward the Struggling Child.

Parents often find themselves at a loss when kids are particularly discouraged or struggling.

It can begin to feel hopeless when everything you’ve tried to motivate them past the challenge has failed. You may start to feel more and more disconnected from the child as you know less and less what to do when they struggle.

This is when we get particularly strong about a principle that almost always helps parents find new hope.

The principle: move toward the struggling child. One mom I met with said this was the most memorable, practical advice I ever gave her. Check out the story in this short video:

Sometimes, as with the mom in the story, what kids actually need is connection, plain and simple. Once their underlying needs met, many times the misbehaviors will start to fade away. Give it a try!

Apply It Now:

  • What is a situation in which your child(ren) sometimes struggle(s)?
  • What is one thing you could do to move toward them instead of away from them when this happens?

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Lynne Jackson
Lynne Jackson
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