When kids fly into a rage, try this!

In response to a Facebook post we shared, Michelle, one of our followers, shared a fantastic story of connecting with her little one even in the midst of disrespectful misbehavior:

CF FB post From Michelle:

I love this advice so much. Glad I had it tucked away this morning when one of my kids flew into a disrespectful rage. I was able to look at things from the kiddo’s perspective and cool myself before addressing the issue. We spent a good half hour cuddling and talking about kiddo’s feelings and better ways to respond to the issue at hand. My little one sat in my arms in tears wondering how to gain self control in this area. I shared one of my ongoing struggles and we prayed for each other. What could have ended in punishment and resentment on both of our sides, ended in a sweet time of fellowship with this dear one in Christ.

What a great story of powerful connection and learning! Even though her child was being disrespectful and angry, Michelle was able to empathize, calm herself down, and even share a moment of vulnerability and growth with her child. None of this let her kiddo off the hook. On the contrary, the child felt real remorse and grew in wisdom about how to better handle tough feelings in the future.The investment of time for this sweet interaction can reap a strong, long-term harvest of heart change. As her child looked to Michelle to reflect God’s character, instead of the punisher in the sky, God was viewed as the comforter and teacher. This discipline truly connected with the child’s heart!

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