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Raising Overcomers: What to Do When My Child Quits Everything | Ep. 57

Raising Overcomers Part 2 Podcast Ep 57 1

In today’s episode we dig into the second part of our series on raising overcomers! Stacy Bellward (podcast host) and Jim and Lynne Jackson (co-founders of Connected Families) talk about how to help kids develop resilience and, in the process, uncover the unique purpose God has for them.  If you feel like your child quits everything too soon then this is the podcast for you.

Does your child get stuck in defeat? Or have trouble moving forward when things feel too hard? These can be beautiful opportunities to see the gifts beneath their struggling behavior. You can encourage and strengthen your child to do hard things while communicating to them, “I’m with you in this, we’re going to do it together.”

This podcast explores:

  • Two key ingredients you need to help you and your kids work through challenges
  • How to model resilience with peace and connection when you feel like your child quits everything
  • The gift-gone-awry underneath your child’s struggle with resilience
  • How to create an environment that can provide the foundation to teach kids resilience
  • A mother’s story of how she helped her son tackle a frustrating situation

Resiliency resources mentioned in this podcast:

The Foundations of the Resiliency Framework by Bonnie Benard

Want to learn more? 

12 Misbehaviors and the Gifts-Gone-Awry Behind Them: Seeing Strengths even in Struggles

Connecting to your child through our Connected Families Framework

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