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Our Top Podcast of 2022 | Ep. 120

top podcast 2022
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The Connected Families Podcast continues to encourage and equip parents all over the world. Did you know we recently exceeded 1 million listens? THANK YOU!

As we head into another year of podcasting, we thought it would be fun to share our most listened-to podcast of 2022. If you have already enjoyed our top podcast, we are including links to the next four most popular podcasts of 2022. It’s time to pop in your headphones, grab a few baskets of laundry to fold or take the dog for a long walk.

What podcast most encouraged you in 2022? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

Our Top Podcast of 2022

Your relationship with your child might feel “off,” but you’re not sure why. Could it be that the way you were parented impacts the way you parent? Your attachment style affects all your most important relationships – from spouse to children to close friends. So, what is “attachment style” anyway? And does attachment style really matter?

On this episode, we welcome guests Milan and Kay Yerkovich, the authors of How We Love. Together we discuss how we bring the attachment style from our parents to our own relationships, especially to our kids. 

Four more amazing podcasts from 2022

Are you hard on yourself as a parent? As a person? It’s so easy to get caught up in what feels like failure to us. We want so much to be good parents! Though it’s unintentional, we can project our own feelings of shame onto our kids. Then we feel even worse. Shame can be so destructive to us and to our relationships. What does ending the shame cycle look like?

If you have ever felt stuck in this kind of a cycle, please listen to this podcast. In this milestone podcast (our 100th episode!) we talk about a prevalent and powerful concept that has resounded with our Connected Families community for nearly 20 years: Moving forward from shame to the freedom of living in God’s grace and truth.

Sometimes parenting can feel like one big list of things you have to get done. It can be so hard to switch gears from the many demands of being a parent to having a joyful and playful time with your children! Yet research shows that playfulness brings connection and communicates in a language that helps kids learn!

This podcast, with guest Joy Wendling, has great ideas to help you: calm your child’s brain and yours, provide opportunities to teach skills, enable problem-solving capability, reach kids who are struggling, and communicate to your child, “I enjoy you!”

When our “respect buttons” get pushed, it’s tempting to grasp for control and command obedience. But in doing so, we might find ourselves sacrificing connection and true, heartfelt respect with our kids. You want to build connection and respect. So what can you do? How can you respond?

This podcast is a heartfelt conversation about respect. When we engage with our kids in humility and curiosity instead of control, we model what respect looks like and safely earn their respect and trust. Treating our children with respect helps us diffuse a tense situation and paves the way for connection, conversation, and understanding.

Do you sometimes struggle to think of an appropriate consequence for your child’s misbehavior?  Or dole out punishment only to have your child refuse to accept the punishment? Sigh. 

Offering consistent and effective discipline can feel like an ongoing and overwhelming challenge. Listen in as the conversation on this podcast explores the messages we send through discipline and how to coach children to be responsible for their actions.

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