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7 Practical Tips for Picky Eaters

7 Practical Tips for Picky Eaters

It is truly a God-given desire to feed your child healthy food. Unfortunately this good desire can easily go awry when your child turns up his nose at what you consider to be essential nutrition. A child’s rejection of certain…

NW Top 4 Tips Best Christmas Yet

The Gift of Not Giving:

Have you noticed that Christmas aisles seem to be stocked earlier and earlier these days? Commercials for Black Friday “doorbusters” are rampant, and there is even controversy about some stores beginning their sales on Thanksgiving Day. The holiday materialism debate is not new: on…

4 Rules to Manage Mealtime Mayhem

4 Simple Rules to Manage Mealtime Mayhem

After our article about the importance of mealtime , quite a few parents asked for more help with creating a calm, connective atmosphere at the table. Because Lynne is extensively trained*, and has worked successfully with hundreds of families regarding this…