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SM Ep 141

[BONUS] Conclusion: Teaching Kids Forgiveness Is Essential

This podcast episode is the conclusion of a podcast we released about the power of forgiveness and teaching that to our children. It is full of practical application and deep insight into the profound impact of forgiveness on our physical,…

SM Ep 141

Teaching Kids Forgiveness Is Essential: The Why & How | Episode 141

How do you teach forgiveness to your kids? You probably want to guide them toward the true forgiveness that Christ’s work accomplished. That takes time and intention. Forced apologies can make a conflict blow over quickly, but resentment often lingers.…

Mercy in the Midst of Struggle

Mercy in the Midst of Our Struggle

“Can’t you just get in the bathtub without arguing?!!” Daniel and I were nose-to-nose in a typical power struggle. I knew it was going to take most of my intellectual and emotional savvy just to get this grimy little kid…