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Are You Teaching Your Kids to Be Angry?

Teaching Kids to be ANGRY

It starts with our example.

Angry kids almost always have angry examples to follow. If those examples are parents, and those parents stay angry over the years, little can be done before their adulthood to re-teach kids about healthy anger. So if your kids are angry, think about what they’re seeing in you and their other parent. What are they learning about gaining power and control? Is it healthy or unhealthy? Is it spirit-filled or self-filled? Are we talking with our kids about how we’re learning to be “angry and not sin?”

The truth is, most kids who struggle with anger have parents who struggle with it too. So take a look inside. Ask yourself these questions:

  • “Do I understand and reconcile my own anger well?” (If not, then start working on this. See a pastor, a therapist, or enlist us for some parent coaching.)
  • “Am I just stifling my child’s anger, or am I helping him learn to express it honorably?”

It is only with a calm, spirit-filled heart that we can help our kids to deal well with their emotions – especially their anger.

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Jim Jackson
Jim Jackson
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