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Teaching Kids True Repentance [video]

Teaching Kids True Repentance

When kids make a mistake, especially when they hurt others, most parents would agree that it’s important to learn repentance — for kids to feel sorry for what they’ve done.

But in our pursuit of this goal, many parents settle for the appearance of repentance — a quick and skin-deep “Sorry.” This approach does NOT teach kids to repent. It only teaches them that conflict can be “resolved” by going through empty motions, or saying the magic words even when their hearts are not in it. This actually hardens hearts to true repentance.

Repentance and reconciliation are at the heart of the Gospel. Founders Jim & Lynne Jackson thought this through deeply, and came up with a powerful illustration to teach their kids about it. Take a look.

Apply It Now:

  • How might you use or adapt (not in the heat of the moment) the “hands clasp” illustration to help kids understand reconnecting their hearts with others and God after they’ve been hurtful?
  • How might you model repentance and then the peace and joy of God’s forgiveness when you’ve messed up?

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Lynne Jackson
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