Honoring Our Imperfect Dads

Deeper Dive for Dads Podcast Series

If you’ve struggled in your relationship with one (or both!) of your parents, this podcast can give life-changing insight. Hurt and resentment left to brew under the surface can often perpetuate the effects of sin passing from one generation to another. 

In this podcast, Jim shares his process of working through very difficult feelings and dynamics in his relationship with his dad. This enabled him to get to a place of an affectionate, grace-filled, restored relationship. As mentioned in this fall 2019 blog post, he learned to apply the Connected Families Framework with his own parents.

In this podcast:

  • You’ll learn practical ways to release bitterness, reconnect, and confront a parent about past hurts. 
  • You’ll be encouraged to replace bitterness with forgiveness, and disconnection with affection and honor. 
  • You’ll be equipped to set boundaries as needed. 

As you learn to navigate your relationship with your earthly parents, you may even find your relationship with your heavenly Father growing deeper and more personal. In turn, this can permeate your own family for generations to come.

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