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What’s the Best Way To Handle Shared Parenting? | Ep. 63

Navigating the challenges of being a single mom or single dad
shared parenting

Co-parenting, intense emotions, tough transitions – these single-mom challenges can be hard! If you are a single mom, you have probably navigated rough waters in these areas. It may feel so discouraging at times. The good news: There are ways to keep you and your kids steady and growing in wisdom through it all. Emotional security and connection are key. This podcast will walk you through what that can look like in daily life as a single mom. It IS possible to navigate shared parenting in a respectful way. 

Today we bring you the second part of our podcast series about single motherhood and our Connected Families Framework. Join Stacy Bellward (podcast host) and Lynne Jackson (co-founder of Connected Families) to hear heartfelt and practical insights from single moms about connecting and coaching kids through intense emotions and tough situations. 

When kids feel loved and connected in the ups and downs of divorce and co-parenting, you can foster a close relationship that will help them feel secure, even while walking through difficult moments. Both you and your children can experience joy and a strengthened faith in trying circumstances. In the words of one single mom: “Even in hard times, with God nothing is wasted!” 

If you’re not a single mom, dive in anyway! This discussion can still be applied to your situation, and these moms have tremendous wisdom for life’s challenges

Be encouraged and equipped as we tackle important questions such as:

  • How can you connect with your kids through the difficult transitions between caregivers? 
  • What are some ways you keep laughter and joy part of your family? 
  • How do you equip your kids to respond in faith and wisdom through various challenges?
  • What are some ways you handle your child’s emotional stress when it shows up as intense misbehavior? 

Resources to help you and your child connect:

Other resources for single moms in the Twin Cities area:

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