How Can I Get My Child to Obey? | Ep. 78

get my child to obey

Does God require your kids to obey immediately? Immediate obedience is probably a familiar concept to you. And, to be quite honest, it’s a hot-button topic! If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do I get my child to obey?” then this is the podcast for you!

Or maybe you feel like your demands for first-time obedience seem to bring more tension and discouragement for both you and your child? If so, this podcast will bring you clarity and encouragement as you seek to be a more connected parent!

How DO I get my child to obey?

Here at Connected Families, we approach this topic with a unique perspective. In today’s podcast, we dissect and unpack this important and sometimes misunderstood issue. Stacy Bellward (podcast host) is joined by Jim and Lynne Jackson (co-founders of Connected Families) as we continue our series about our Connected Families “special sauce”–what makes us unique! 

Obedience is absolutely important to God and to you as a parent. We encourage you view the bigger picture of how God inspires obedience in His children. Control and fear-based parenting can create a toxic relationship, but a deeper and more connected relationship with your child will lead them toward wisdom. The context for obedience is a deep love relationship overflowing with the fullness of God’s grace. 

In today’s podcast you’ll learn:

  • why immediate obedience can be a set-up for frustration for both you and children
  • what the Bible and the life of Jesus tell us about immediate obedience
  • the importance of examining your own motives as a parent in order to bring the fullness of God’s love to your kids
  • the difference between obedience and compliance– and why it matters!
  • how to let go of demands in order to build wisdom and thoughtful responses in your child’s heart

You will not want to miss this conversation! It may forever change how you connect with your child as you seek to leave a legacy of wisdom and grace for your family. We would love to connect with you about this, or any other questions you may have! We invite you to contact us

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