My Child Says, “I Hate You!” | Ep. 6

"What Should I Do When...?" podcast series

Words are powerful.  We can so easily take it personally when we hear hurtful words from our children like,  “I HATE YOU!” But instead of reacting in frustration and anger, we encourage you to look below the surface. There may be deep reasons why the child might feel anxious, discouraged or ashamed in a way that is coming out in those aggressive words. 

Jim Jackson and Stacy Bellward welcome Lynne Jackson, OTR and parent coach to the show. Lynne is an occupational therapist and brings practical brain-based knowledge and years of experience to this topic. 

Today’s episode covers:

  • underlying causes including sensory, emotional, developmental factors that play a role in the words that children say.
  • how you can respectfully and constructively help your children navigate big emotions that drive the hurtful words.
  • the “language of emotions.” (Here’s the link for the feelings poster mentioned.)

When your child says, “I hate you!” they’re doing the best they can to tell you something else. Take a breath, then say, “I can see that you’re very, very angry!” 

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