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Are Your Mornings Brutal

Are Your Mornings Brutal?

John was fed up. Like many parents, he came to me looking for a quick fix. No matter what consequences or logic John put in place, his 6th grade son Ben just wouldn’t take responsibility for getting himself up and…

When Kids Do Not Listen 1

When Kids Don’t Listen

“How do I get my child to listen?!!”Listening when you’re addressed by someone is a great life skill, but one that often our children don’t seem too eager to learn! Frustrated parents often say, “I hate it, but I just…

Biblical Discipline 2

Biblical Discipline

Disciplining our kids is usually the most frustrating, confusing part of parenting. The stakes are high because what kids learn when they are disciplined will last a lifetime. In our work with parents, we have seen that well-intentioned efforts often…

Instilling Identity and Character in Your Child

Instilling Identity and Character In Your Child

On Tuesday evening, September 20, Lynne spoke to a packed house at the Discipline That Connects book launch party about the most important messages that parents convey to their children in discipline.  This four-level framework is the foundation of intentional,…