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Walking in Peace and Joy with Your Kids | Ep. 23

22 Peace and Joy with our kids 2 1We all want a peaceful home where kids feel safe. But sometimes safety is hard to attain, especially when life is stressful. How do we respond during hard parenting moments? How can we do better at walking in peace and joy with our kids? In this podcast Jim and Lynne Jackson, co-founders of Connected Families, dive into creating a culture of safety at home. Applying what you learn as you listen can impact your family for generations to come.

In this podcast you’ll learn to:

  • look inward and ask the question, “What’s going on in ME?”.
  • build a strong foundation for parenting, knowing who you are in Christ.
  • show your kids, in a way they can understand, that you are a flawed human.
  • communicate “You are safe with me,” in practical ways that can help your kids build a solid foundation on God’s grace and truth.
Walking in Peace and Joy with your kids

Mentioned in this podcast:

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A Connected Families Podcast
A Connected Families Podcast
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