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kids and puppies no words

Kids Are Like Puppies

Little kids are kind of like puppies. They usually love unconditionally and are often forgiving when parents make mistakes of all kinds. Mom nags, child whines, they get through it and get back to normal quickly. Dads yell, kids cry, but…

So tired

“I’m Just SO Tired!”

Annie had one idea in mind. Her exhausted five-year-old son had another. By applying what she learned through Connected Families, Annie experienced a sweet parenting moment with her son. I attended a workshop given by Connected Families a couple years…

Choose JOY

The Power of Joy

“Choose Joy!” is a phrase Jim repeated and prayed every morning on his mission trips with high risk teens. These were kids prone to depression, anger, and sarcasm. However, they all benefited when they were encouraged to choose joy. Along…

Thanksgiving greetings 2018

Thanksgiving Greetings

  On a day we set aside to give thanks, Lynne and I wanted to share with you what we are most thankful for: For the privilege of serving together each day. We love being both co-workers, best friends, and…

Two Dads

How Do I Get This Behavior to Stop?

The first dad was angry I answered his phone call and heard a wide assortment of issues. His son was hanging out with a group of friends the dad did not like at all. He’d caught his son stealing, lying,…