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Kids’ Arguments: Establish Peace with 4 Steps | Ep. 167

kids' arguments

If your kids’ bickering ever drives you bonkers, you’ll want to hear this fresh perspective with our guest and certified parent coach, Megan Thorp. Stacy and Megan unpack the Connected Families’ approach to transform kids’ arguments into opportunities to build lifelong skills. You’ll learn the four-step process to help bring peace to your home and guide your kids toward true reconciliation.

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Guest Bio:

Megan is a Connected Families Certified Parent Coach as well as an instructor for coaches in training. She and her husband have been married for 18 years and have 3 kids. Megan loves to come alongside parents to help them gain confidence and equip them to lead their families. She is passionate about parents creating an environment in their home where everyone feels valued and connected and equipping parents with skills to build a relationship with their kids that will last long after they leave home. Seeing misbehavior and especially sibling conflict as a golden opportunity to show Christ’s love and disciple her kids has been a game changer for her in her parenting. You can connect with her for coaching at meganlthorp@gmail.com.

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