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Kids Struggling to Sleep? Here’s How to Equip Them to Sleep Well | Ep.55

kids struggling to sleep

Do you feel like bedtime struggles are a losing battle? Does bedtime leave you feeling exhausted? Your child wants another glass of water, another bedtime story. They’re afraid of the dark. Or overflowing with wound-up energy from the day. You are exhausted. Frustrated. And if your kids are struggling to sleep, you don’t sleep! 

We have heard your cries! Kids not going to sleep (or staying asleep) is a fairly frequent concern we hear from parents during coaching sessions. If you feel like you have tried everything and wonder why nothing is working, you’re in the same boat as so many other sleep-deprived families! 

As parents we sometimes want to push through this time to bring some peace to the end of our day. But what if bedtime could be a way to tap into your child’s heart in a way that makes them feel safe, understood, and loved? What if you change your mindset to see that when your child is struggling to sleep this could be an opportunity for deep connection?

It really can be! You can transform difficult bedtime routines into an opportunity for deep and lasting connection with your child. How? In this podcast we’ll introduce you to a unique and holistic approach that gets to the heart of your child. We’ll give practical, science-based, tips that you can use today

Listen in as Stacy Bellward (podcast host) talks with Lynne Jackson, co-founder of Connected Families and author of Transform Bedtime Struggles into Nighttime Snuggles. (Our newest resource!) Together they discuss ways to help prepare both you and your child for a peaceful night of rest. 

This podcast dives deep into:

  • Obstacles that can hinder kids from a good night’s sleep
  • Practical sleep solutions that really work
  • Calming your child’s body, mind, heart, and spirit to help them sleep
  • How a connected approach to bedtime can bring peace to your evenings

Sleep and parenting resources mentioned in this podcast:

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The sweet bedtime cuddles you dream of deteriorate far too often into mayhem. You’ve got this! Bring peace to your child’s body, mind, heart, and spirit. So they (and you!) can sleep well. Download and read our FREE in-depth ebook Transform Bedtime Struggles into Nighttime Snuggles.

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